Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fire School Offers Diverse Training

Firefighters from around the state have the opportunity to participate in many different courses at TEEX’s Annual Municipal School. Courses range from the obvious firefighting classes to those focusing on specialized rescue techniques.

One course taught during municipal week focuses on agricultural rescue. Students learn to rescue victims from grain silos, those who are trapped beneath tractors or even trapped within other farm implements.

Vehicle extraction is another course taught during municipal week. Firefighters learn to use hacksaws and other tools to remove victims from wrecked vehicles, and then graduate to using the hydraulic equipment, commonly known as the “jaws of life.”

Other classes offered include: fire science, forcible entry, pump operations, trench rescue, public safety dispatcher, public information officer, emergency care attendant and many more.

See the video below to see how firefighters attack a vehicle fire.

More vehicle extraction and ag rescue photos:

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